Sleeve Anchors and Wedge Anchors

Sleeve Anchors and Wedge Anchors

Knowing When to Use One Over the Other

Sleeve Anchors and Wedge Anchors are two of
the most popular and important concrete and
masonry fasteners in the marketplace. While
they can be used for the same purpose in some
applications, they both have strengths and
limitations that must be observed for safe and
proper use.

The three very important distinctions between
Sleeve Anchors and Wedge Anchors are:

Wedge Anchors have a much higher load
rating for a given size
Wedge Anchors can only be used in concrete,
whereas sleeve anchors can be used in
concrete and masonry
Wedge Anchors require the same hole size
as the anchor size, which is the same as the
thread size, whereas Sleeve Anchors require
the same hole size as the anchor size, but the
thread size is one size smaller than the
anchor size.
o For example, a 5/16” Wedge Anchors
needs a 5/16” hole, while a 5/16”
Sleeve Anchor needs a 3/8” hole.
Both anchors use an expanding sleeve or collar
to achieve a secure grip, but the wedge anchor

concentrates the load in a small area with a
short collar at the base of the anchor, while the
sleeve anchor spreads the load along the
length of the embedment.

Dottie manufactures Sleeve Anchors with a
variety of nut types, including acorn and hex,
while Wedge Anchors only come with a hex
nut. Both anchors are manufactured in zinc
plated steel but can be ordered in 18-8
Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel. The Zinc
plated anchors are intended for indoor and dry
locations and the stainless steel for outdoor or
wet locations.

Installation Tips!

Be careful not confuse the ultimate load
rating with the safe load rating. The safe load
rating is only 25% of the ultimate load rating.
Do not space the anchors too closely
together or too close to the edge of the work.
Failure to follow installation instructions could
cause the concrete or masonry to crack.
Holes size, depth and cleanliness are very
important to a successful installation. Follow
the instructions carefully.
Wedge Anchors and Sleeve Anchors are
generally not removable and must be cut off
if removal is required

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